03 Feb 2015

3 of the Worst People I Ever Had to Work With

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I was just cleaning the kitchen and had an immediate flashback to the era when I worked with Artinsoft, a software company in Costa Rica.  Unlike cool acid trips flashbacks, sucked balls as they took me back to a dark era in my professional life.  The company was great to work for, it was these people that I worked with that literally made my life a living hell.

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13 Jan 2015


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Just a quick post as I just wanted to share a band I happened to run into (literally) yesterday while strolling through Sydney.  As I was headed towards Hyde Park I heard these amazing sounds coming in and small group of people stopping to what seemed to be a public street act.

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27 Sep 2014

Why I Stopped Feeding the Machine

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Seven years ago I innocently started using a service that required personal information to be submitted in order for it to function properly.  Stories, photos, and comments – to name a few – were submitted in order to make this system understand what I liked, who were my friends were, the relationship with my family and so on.   All of this with the sole purpose of selling something to the highest bidder, and that something was me.

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25 Sep 2014

Dear Apple: Fix the Fucking Green Button

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I apologize in advance for dropping the F-bomb in the title of the post, but seriously, enough is enough.

I am not sure if you are a Mac user; but if you are then chances are that you know what I am talking about.  That stupid green button on Mac OS X windows that does whatever the hell it wants each time you press it.  There really is no way to predict what this bloody thing will do.

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16 Sep 2014

Where is My Stuff?!?

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Quite frankly, I have no idea to whom I am directing this post.  It’s been so long since a meaningful post that I doubt if anyone wonders in these alleys anymore.

I am not looking for excuses as to why I did not post that often, but quite honestly it boils down to lack of time.  Unfortunately (or fortunately) bitching about things and writing about them has gone on the back burner.  I still bitch.  A lot.  It’s just that I don’t have time to document it.

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11 Aug 2012

Chavela Vargas dies, Costa Ricans rejoice

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I thought that if I ever wanted to split open my guts and have aneurysm by reading fucktard comments, all I had to do was open nacion.co.cr comments and read away.  Dead wrong.  All I had to do was follow Telenoticias Facebook feed and try and digest the news when Chavela Vargas died.

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22 Apr 2012

Seins kämpfen

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About 3 weeks ago I included “Telenoticias” in my Facebook.  “Telenoticias” is Costa Rican television news network in Costa Rica.  I could say it is the most respectable, but in a country where television networks are a fucking joke, “respectable” loses quite a bit of credibility.

Anyhow..Telenoticias and some of the blogs I read have been plagued with comments around the news that some cop in Costa Rica is a neonazi.   Apparently there are plenty of these clowns.  They get together, get drunk and celebrate  that they find some kind of logic in Hitler’s beliefs.   The photos can be striking – I think we as human beings have developed a “Pavlov’s dog” instinct and twitch in disgust and rage when we see a swastika:

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07 Jan 2009

This Explains it all: Satan is the ruler of the World

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Today, while playing with my dog outside, I saw a flyer tucked in the gates.  Thinking that it was a bill, I fetched it (my dog still does not know how to do this trick) and then I realized this was no bill at all.  When I started reading, I thought it was the movie synapse of the next Harry Potter movie: invisible evil entities, test of will, contacting the dead.  Fuck, I was sold, I had to watch this movie!  But then, I realized that it was a pamphlet based on bible passages that explains why the world is all fucked up.  Bummer.

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17 Jul 2006

Soda Stereo and Echo and the Bunnymen: Who copied who?

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One of the things I love best is to load my 60 GB iPod with random music from my 26,277 song collection. I then listen to it while I work and oftentimes I discover that I have music that really sucks. On the other hand, every now and then I find a small gem that is hiding and waiting to be heard again and again and again.

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